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1. Choose your product2. Verify your product3. Evaluate Costs4. Recognize sales pressure5. Verify your seller

Buying gold can be a simple and safe process, so long as you ask the right questions. Ensure your gold is secure and successfully avoid untrustworthy sellers with these straightforward guidelines on how to start investing in gold.

Choose the right gold product for you

Different gold products offer different benefits. Are you sure you know which type of gold best matches your investment goals? If not, click below for more information on gold products.

Confirm the product you’re buying is legitimate

The process of buying gold is unregulated but easily navigated with guidance. If you need help determining whether a product is genuine, use the list of safe practices below.

Evaluate the costs & fees

When you’re buying gold, understanding the associated fees is paramount. Are you positive that you’re aware of the total cost involved in your purchase? If not, reference the below list.

Recognize sales & marketing pressure

You should never feel pressured into buying gold. If you ever interact with a seller employing any of the below tactics, be wary of their intentions.

Verify the seller is legitimate

Make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy seller and that your rights are secure. Do you know whether or not your vendor is genuine? This checklist can help.

How the World Gold Council helps you

The World Gold Council works with governments and industry to give gold sellers a set of principles.

These voluntary principles work side-by-side with this five-step guide to help sellers meet your expectations. They also give you the added confidence that gold sellers can be held to a comprehensive set of standards.

Click see more for a list of the principles and the positive behaviors they encourage.

The complete guide for buying gold safely

For more detailed information on gold products and finding the right gold seller for you, download our full guide for investing in gold.


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